• Glorissa Rodriguez-Corona

A talk about " An Evergrowing Wonder "

Around two-ish years ago I was tagged on a photography challenge called the Black & White challenge. I Didn't know what to do at the time so, I grabbed my camera, placed it on a tripod, and started shooting at 10 clicks on self-timer. Picture me being possessed and trying to struggle doing your hair in the mornings ! The results were ... unexpected but, it did work for me. I wanted a dreamy expression on my face, with no purpose at all. I always liked adding nature-related photos on top of my portraits and just let it grow into the editing.

The piece I talked about recently due to my new painting based on it, " An Evergrowing Wonder " is basically talking about how back in those days, I didn't really have a style I particularly wanted to focus on yet, but, I did have a interest in surreal black&white images that had a more profound and personal meaning. An evergrowing wonder, simply describes what I thought about myself back then. Myself as a person as well as everyone else is an evergrowing wonder, we never stop growing internally towards our goals, our life desires and dreams. I may have mentioned this in a past blog entry but, to me, flowers + nature mean life, death and growth or even a form of decay. I draw, paint and photograph plants to show a form of symbol that I am still growing as a person, growing artistically, and growing internally.

It may sound selfish but, even if I used to make art only to try to understand myself, even if I still don't to date, I can still relate to myself two years ago, but with a long-term goal I will only share with myself. After all, I'm still finding myself.

" The Great gig in The Sky "

" Black hole "