• Glorissa Rodriguez-Corona

- 2 0 1 7 - Thoughts and Highlights ~

For those of you who play video games, does it ever happen to you that you think you can proceed to the next level in the game and you come to dying super fast because you're not skillful enough ? Or not strong enough ? But, then you're all: " Let me train and farm for exp points in the previous area so I can lvl up and proceed as the story goes. " But, you still die because you STILL lack skill. Maybe you haven't even learned how to your a quick skillset or a combo that may help killing your enemies faster. Well same. That happened to me throughout the whole year of 2017.

It is a very repetitive thing to say " Oh this previous year was just a year of experience and tasting the waters." Well yeah It's true. It always is. But, there comes a point in your life where you have to know when it's time to stop taking everything as an " It was just for the experience " way. And actually step back and ask yourself why df isn't it working according to your understanding. Why do I fall back in the same place ? It's kind of like when people who don't pay attention to the map in a video game try to figure out all by themselves and end up coming back to the same spot, at times, getting stuck. It sucks when you write a list of goals for the coming year and by the time the year comes to an end you look back and realize you haven't met any of those goals. They're not stupid desires, everyone travels and evolves at their own pace, it doesn't mean they will all be achieved in the same year, some require more time and experience than others, so let's not feel down for not achieving those goals in less than a year. A year can only be enough time or not enough time. Who knows.

2017 was full of ups and downs, full of new experiences and inner growth.

In April, me and my parents went to La Paz BC for my dad's job for a couple weeks, I only stayed for a couple days because I had school. But anyway, let me share a few of my favorite pictures of cute stuff & things I saw there ! ( Because I never really shared much of this short trip. )

I saw a lot more than that but, I just sat back and relaxed, it was amazing to be honest. It was a whole new world down there and it made it to my List of retirement places to live at hahahaha !

My all time favorite place we visited was Todos Santos <3333 This place is truly magical and artistic. There, I met this 50+ year old artist living the dream. He had painted all his life and that's been his way of living ever since, his studio is an open gallery for people to walk in and look at art while he works in the back. In fact, a lot of artists do that over there, and they're so kind and are willing to share their stories with you. I can't really say that is the life I want to have, because that is the fun part about being an artist, you never know how and where you'll end up. I was so used to comparing my life to others and how much I'd have to achieve by the time I was at the age I had back then. But, you can't really do much but keep doing your own thaaaang.

There was something about Todos Santos that made my mind change completely, it felt refreshed and blank. I mean, travel is always great, but, are you really just doing it for the pics to show you were there ? Traveling is really about finding pieces of yourself everywhere you go. Or else, you will only just remain a tourist. It's like in videogames how you need to travel to places to find upgrades, in weapons, skills and strenght (:


You know how Pokemon have stats right?, or how in games like Bloodborne let you pick one character with higher stats than others ? ( Not sorry about all these game references ) That's literally how life works by gifting us things. We may be good at this and that, but terrible at other things, and vice versa for others, and I just recently thought of that too, we must be thankful for the things we have and the things we know and the skills we have, because others probably suck at the things we're good at, maybe we complain about all the things we wish we had, or the places we want to visit while others travel 24/7/365 but, we get to work on personal projects and even ourselves and even get to work on the areas we lack attention or practice.

I don't know about you but I constantly keep asking myself and accepting every little thing that happens as the day goes by If It's all for the best. I must not put myself down for the little things, it is not the end of the world. There are people who achieve great things way later in life. But in the meantime, we keep working towards our short term goals.

But then again, this blogpost is dedicated to my growth and progress as an artist ( or maker ) so, to talk about the last ( cool ) thing I did this past month of December was completely step up my game going about planning my whole process of creating my next series , which has been lagging, well, no, not really lagging, more like, rescheduling due to LACK OF SKILL AND LVL UPS HAHA.

Okay, well, I learned so much this year. 2017, was, well, If anyone noticed, I hardly ever released new work, like, real, serious work, because I was, you could say, meditating on how I was going to do this upcoming project and idea I have in mind. Yet I'm thankful for all the commisions and amount of work I had this past year. I just hope and will do my best for the start of an upcoming project to be possible in 2018.

p.s. One of the biggest 2017 Highlights was GETTING A WEENIE DOG AND AKSJEHFALKJERFHQO3489RTWEIOUFNALK <3333333

k bye, PWEACE!