• Glorissa Rodriguez-Corona

Artwork for " Waves " By VTR Recordings

My friend Vaughn Ramirez started a solo project to do recordings for bands and to also collaborate with great local and non-local artists! We collabed on the artwork and as we were discussing ideas, he gave me key points to look out for, Japanese, " The Great Wave of Kanagawa ", and Duuuuuh-jent.

We also agreed to come up with a monster-like creature coming from within the waves and crashing on to a figure on the shore.

So, luckily I always kept my cool-looking toys. ( Especially dragons ) So, here is the the dragon I used as reference.:

I used my amateur digital art skills to painting it blue and turn it into a sea serpent ( Eel on Steroids )

The final product consisted of pretty much the original idea discussed previously, Giant Sea monster eventually crashing down to the Samurai warrior in the middle, Japanese scroll texture over the image. And duuuuuuh-jent.

Follow Vaughn's Bandcamp ( VTR Recordings ):

More coming sooooooooon !