• Glorissa Rodriguez-Corona

" Upside Down Kingdom " Inspired by As I Lay Dying

" Upside Down Kingdom " is inspired by self-titled song by the band As I Lay Dying. As a little background, I am highly interested in creating album art for bands of all kinds ! In order to achieve this goal, I started a portfolio of my own images to show what kind of edits, themes and skills I can pull if anyone is interested.

Anyway . . .

I've had this literal image stuck in my head for years. I can say I haven't felt so satisfied with a finalized artwork in soooo long ! I am so proud of myself ! The band's EP album cover of " The Powerless Rise " gave me the initial idea of wanting the whole image in red, giving it an angry and deep feel to it. Not to mention the band is of metalcore genre so, it's pretty hardcore already.

Album Cover :

Also, while looking for inspiration online, I came across this image:

This image is by artist Jack T. Cole and here is his Tumblr Page as reference:

I'm glad there was already an image that looked close to what I was trying to create ! It just needed the Glorissa touch !

Thank you so much for reading this whoever you are and please give the song a listen for reasons! Or not.

Enjoy !