• Glorissa Rodriguez-Corona

Studio Sesh - Jerick Carino

I've worked with musicians shooting live shows and promos/logos, etc. Something I definitely wanted to try out was to capture portraits of the emotion, passion and dedication behind the music they create. There is so much going on behind the making of a song, they write on the spot, pause, rewind, repeat, erase, start over, etc. And like I've mentioned before, I believe the process is what makes the artist.

I've known my good friend Jerick Carino for years and he's got lots of creative talents to share. He is mainly a videographer, does photography and makes beats. I've used his beats for my personal videos before but, I had never seen the whole process behind the making of one and it's pretty cool. I tried my best to capture the " happening " of this specific creative process and I thought it was pretty cool. Enjoy !

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